Where to find Courses section: Once you open the app, tap on the more menu on top left corner of the GameBook Feed and select "Courses".


1. Extensive course information

The Courses section allows you to view all course data including the entire scorecard and hole-by-hole course maps. It’s a great way to get to know a new course before even reaching the parking lot. If a course you are looking for is still lacking GPS coordinates and a course map on our database, please send us a note at support(a)golfgamebook.com and we will add them right away!

 2. 5-star reviews – and more

You can rate any course with 1-5 stars as well as write reviews and see how others have felt about the course. You can also mark courses as your favorites. This will make the course appear on the top of the courses list when you create games to make the process even faster and easier. This is especially useful if you tend to play on the same courses most of the time.

3. Explore your game history

In the Courses section, you can also view all of your statistics from previous rounds on that specific course. From fairways and greens, to average putts per round, everything you need in order to make improvements in key areas of your game. Your stats are compiled by round as well as your average per round.

4. Eclectic scorecard

In addition to viewing individual past rounds, we’ve also put together an eclectic scorecard for you. It is a combination of your best performances on that specific course and shows your best ever score on each hole to help you to find out what exactly are your personal hotspots and pitfalls.

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