New feature: Hole By Hole Statistics

Hole by hole Statistics-feature tells how you have played on a specific hole and course in the past, so you’re equipped with a fact-based knowledge on how to improve your golf game and course management. This feature is available in the score entry-view while playing a round. Hole by hole Statistics can be also found in the Courses-section by opening the “Plan your game”-view.

Private Game

Private game gives you the possibility to golf in total privacy. Whether you're playing alone or in a group your round stats will still be recorded and accessible, but no one outside your group will see your round.

Improved Statistics

Gold Members have more statistics in use. These include bunker shots, penalty strokes, sand saves and up-and-downs. Statistics can be found at profile page.

No Ads

Our advertising partners enable the free version of Golf GameBook. Gold Members have the possibility to turn ads off. All profits from Golf Membership subscriptions will go directly into funding additional features for our users.


More information on the pricing and features can be found from here.



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