How to set up a game with application.


1. Select "Play Golf" 



2. Select the course you are playing. You can use your location to determinate the course or search for the right course. (If the course doesn't have GPS data it wont show in the Nearest tab). 


Selecting the course


In the course setup you can edit default tee box for men and ladies, default starting hole and number of holes. When you are done select next.


Course setup


3. In the game setup you can change game's name, date, select primary and side game and edit groups and players. Contest and extra games can be added in Game Manager. 


Game setup


4. Select primary and side game formats. First select game format you want to change, then select game format you would like to play, after this you can edit game settings and return to game setup. 


Primary game and side game



Game format selection



Game settings


5. Now you can edit players and groups. To edit players select edit under players at game settings page, from here you can edit players and teams. To edit groups select change group, from here you can add groups or remove them. 


Edit players and groups



Manage players

When you select Add Player you move into this screen. In here you can search players from three different tabs. Friends tab shows all your friends, Groups tab shows you chat groups and you can easily add players from your chat groups from there, Recent tab shows players you recently played with.


Select players


When you select Edit in manage players screen you move into this screen. In here you can edit player. You can change players tee box and handicap.


Edit player



Edit groups


6. After your game setup is done select start round and enjoy your round of golf.

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