Conversations give you the possibility to stay in touch with your golf buddies. Here's how it works.


Conversations can be found at bottom tab in application.



Now you can see all your open conversations and groups. You can open conversation or group by pressing it. A new conversation or group can be created by pressing + mark on top right corner. 




You can create a new conversation by pressing the person you want to have a conversation with. If you want to create a group you can do it by pressing create group.


Start Conversation


When you want to create a group you have to add people to your group. This is done by pressing add people.


Create Group


When you add people to your group you can either select them from the list or search them.


Add People


After you have added people to your group you can edit group name and group icon.


Edit Group


After creating a conversation or group you can start chatting. In this screen you can enter text, pictures and videos. Conversation or group settings can be found at top right corner. From there you can mute conversation or group, delete conversation or group and edit group. 


Conversation Screen


When you are in game you can access chat faster by clicking chat bubble.


Chat Bubble


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