1. Login and start by selecting "Create game" on our Online Game Manager: https://online.golfgamebook.com/.
2. Select one of the five Match Play formats from the drop-down menu. Choose between Match Play Individual, Match Play Better Ball, Match Play Greensome, Match Play Foursome or Match Play 2-man Scramble.
3. Choose to create this Game format from the Reds vs Blues drop-down-menu, which should become visible after choosing one of these five Match Play formats.
4. Continue to the next phase "Players and Groups" and add players to the game. All the added players will appear on the "Player Pool", which is located on the bottom of the page.
5. After adding the players to the game and assigning the players to their intended teams on the Reds vs Blues Teams-tab, the groups must be created from a separate button found from the Groups-tab. After creating the groups please use the Player Pool to assign the players to the playing groups.

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  • Hi,

    Do I have to assign players to groups before I can create the next round in the tournament?

    I'm planning a tournament over three rounds but the groups will not be announced until just before each round.

    Best regards,



    Cant fill in the groups?

  • Can you add a 3rd team? We are running a tourney and have a 3 day event with four ball and singles matches, but we have 3 teams

  • Can you add our overall tally to my game? USKG Ryder 3. Reds 3. Blues 1. Going into singles play.


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