This is a 4-person Irish Rumble, a Best Ball format played with Stableford points, where on the first 6 holes (1-6), the best single score for these holes is recorded, on the next six holes (7-12), the best two scores are recorded, on the next five holes (13-17), the best three scores are recorded and on the last hole (18) all four scores are recorded for the team.

The Irish Rumble can also be played as a 9-hole game. In this situation the scoring will be calculated as follows: on holes 1-3 the best individual score of the team will be considered, on holes 4-6 the score will be counted from the best two individual scores, on holes 7-8 the scores will take into consideration the best three scores of the team and on the 9th hole all of the scores of the team will be added to the team score.

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