Please add a new game format called high / Low, which is a often played game format in Denmark.

It is much like the match play better ball format only different here is, that also the worst balls battles for 1 point on each hole.


Two teams of two players play a game with match play rules, each player playing his or her own ball throughout the round.

On each hole the better balls battles for 1 point and the worst balls battles for 1 point with match play rules, so on each hole a team can win up till 2up.


Eg team 1 gets 4 and 5 on a hole and team 2 gets 5 and 5 on the same hole.


Two better balls Team 1: 4 vs Team 2: 5 = team 1 wins 1 point

Two worst balls: Team 1: 5 vs Team 2: 5 = AS

Result: Team 1 wins is 1up for the hole.


The team winning more individual points wins the game.

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